Letter To Residents

Monday 14th September 2020

Dear Resident,


Now that building work on the estate is coming to an end, it is felt the time is right to reopen a debate about the possibility of forming a Resident’s Association. We are aware this subject was raised by some residents two years ago. A small group of residents have recently agreed to start the ball rolling, hence this letter to you.

In normal times, we would advocate holding a public meeting to which all residents on the estate would be invited, but Covid-19 does not permit this. We are keen to ascertain your views on whether you think a Residents Association is a good idea, together with your suggestions for the future. As a meeting is not permitted, we feel the next best option is a questionnaire. 

We hope you will take the time to complete and return the enclosed questionnaire and share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions. Once the results have been analysed, we can assess (as a group) if a Residents Association is a viable option and can then formulate a plan of action. A Residents Association will take your views/concerns to Fremington Parish Council, Barratts/Bovis and the Management Company – Chamonix Estates, as an Association will carry more weight. 

The proposed Resident’s Association will work on resident’s behalf to ensure their voices are heard. It will aim to promote the interests of all residents and maintain good relations within the community, it will pursue answers to questions long overdue and lastly, it will work with other organisations for the benefits of all residents. 

As previously stated, we are currently a small group of residents who have come together to hopefully start a Residents Association. Due to Covid-19, we have so-far only communicated to residents via the Estate’s Facebook page and we appreciate some residents don’t have access to social media. We hope having read this letter it may encourage more residents to join and be part of shaping the future direction of the estate, of which you are part of. We appreciate not everyone will want to volunteer their time, but this should not prohibit you from having your say. Your views are important.

If you would rather complete a printed copy of this questionnaire, one will be delivered within the next few days. Details of where this can be dropped off will be included with this copy.

We look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire and progressing a positive debate. 

Kind regards,

Concerned Residents